Morning’s Picnic Hamper…


With a minimum of fuss  and a splatter of sunshine

Morning is packing up a delicious picnic hamper

For today to beguile you to stay on board despite

Everything! The Taliban, Brad Pitt’s divorce! The

Daily threat of Global Warming, and other sad news!

There are always the little things to rely on after all

The three tiny African Violets that delivered blue

Baby flowers, finally, after six dry weeks of wait!

The batter that came up perfectly for a walnut cake


Roses that will not ever leave their enchanted entitlement

Unfazed by all the exotic tulips and dazzling delirious orchids

While ducks, darling, dear, reliable ducks that will always

Somehow kick the shit out of the gloomiest, brooding day!

Like angels turning up to work in their birthday suits!

Pics and text: daksha


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