For the Planet: remember to breathe!


Many of us don’t know how essential it is to breathe properly and regularly. We use only part of our lungs to keep us alive. Breathing properly will massage every organ in your body. This will do more for your health and well being than any pills or potions. And it is free! Take time off everyday, breathe at bus stops, breathe in the garden, breathe as you walk by the river or the lake, in the train, while you bathe, till it becomes second nature to you.


Learn to breathe like babies from the stomach, not the chest. Clear your mind of other thoughts and think ‘in’ and ‘out’ as you breathe. Imagine a stream of pure air entering and leaving you, like a  tree bending this way and that, with the wind. Let the air fill every corner of you imagine it travelling up to your head, to the backs of your knees, and to your toenails. Once you have acquired this habit you will find it helps you in any difficult or dark situation. By calming your breath  you automatically lower your blood pressure and heart rate. You also trigger the ‘relaxation response’ of your parasympathetic nervous system, your biggest friend and ally against anxiety and tension.

From: Nature’s Prozac by Judith Sachs.

pics: daksha



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