Recycle old pots and jars for the Planet!

Recycle Jars and Bottles:


Short fat jars make pretty rooters for houseplants! Just fill with water, add a cutting and wait for roots!

Air Freshener: Save jars with lovely shapes and fill them with homemade potpourri. Punch holes in the lid of the jar or use a jar with a prepunched lid – a Parmesan cheese jar for example.


Fill the jar with dried flowers or spices.



Here is a simple potpourri from ancient times and very easy to try out. Take dried roseleaves (petals) keep them in a glass which will keep them sweet and take a powder of mynte, (mint) powder of cloves in a grosse powder, and putte the same to the roses leaves; then putte all these togyther in a bagge and take that to bedde wyth you it will cause you to sleepe and it is good to smell unto at other tymes.” Remberte Doedens. (Lyte) 1619! Collins Guide to Roses. Bertram Park.


Pics: daksha


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