To be happy be socially supportive!

To be happy: be socially supportive

A Tomcat in a shelter in Bangalore, who loved to nurture orphan kittens!


We all follow this rule, to be supportive to one another. But sometimes living in large cities, caught up with work, we often forget this. But to be happy it helps to be in touch with people, so that we can form a bond of warmth and caring.


The book by David Niven The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People says that the need for support or the number of problems individuals face is a less strong predictor of their happiness than the amount of support available to them.


In schools especially this is vital. But a disturbing film I watched on Netflix about one girl bullied so viciously by another girl, in a school, that she decided to commit suicide, showed me that there is a major frightening problem around us. Bullying has become a chilling very real problem and it is still not being adequately handled anywhere. Schools, colleges, offices, everywhere bullying comes up. The movie now on Netflix, A Girl Like Her, with excellent , unbelievably fantastic acting from its very young cast, is engrossing and upsetting. Everyone should watch it.


And it is shameful to realize that among animals there is more support and caring than there is among us humans! Even cats who are considered too individualistic and selfish, by people who are not cat people, show amazing support. When a mother cat dies leaving young kittens behind, another mother cat who is feeding her own kittens will take the orphans in her care, feed them and nurture them as her own.


We still need to learn from animals, to be more supportive to be happy!


Pics: daksha


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