For Happiness: don’t become Sisyphus!

For Happiness: don’t dwell on unwinnable conflicts!


Move on, is the wisest thing to do when we are stuck inside an old, tormented, corner or trying to cut open a stone wall. Instead we can use that energy to do something important and easy to handle.


David Niven says in his book The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People that we often deal with our problems and messes as if they were Sisyphus’s boulder! We push and push and never consider that there is no point! The real rose in the drama of living is that though our boulders are of our own creation, they will disappear if we just stop pushing!


It is always wiser to move on to things you can change. In mythology poor Sisyphus was doomed to the endless task of pushing a boulder up a hill.Just before he got to the top he would lose his hold, and the boulder would tumble down to the bottom. Alas Sisyphus continued with this death sentence and we should not follow suit!


In a smaller way I learnt this lesson when I tried to feed my cats vegetables, which all books have said, are good for them. The cats furiously refused to touch any of them and I finally learnt to sneak some in through their fish and meat dishes! Then I felt less like Sisyphus and more like a sly winner in a game of chess or cards!


Pics: daksha

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