Blueberries & your Vitamin C!

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Frozen can be more nutritious than fresh?


Brussels sprouts higher in vitamin C and beta-carotine than fresh.

Blueberries higher in vitamin C and micronutrients than freshl

Raspberries higher in micronutrients than fresh.

Green beans higher in vitamin C and micronutrients than fresh.

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Sweetcorn higher in vitamin C than fresh.

Cauliflower higher in micronutrients than fresh!

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True or False?! Fresh & Frozen!


Frozen could be better than Fresh veggies!


Fresh fruit and veggies are always more nutritious than frozen? False!

Freezing can lock in the nutrients of fresh produce. True.

For the most nutritious frozen fish, look for ‘frozen at sea’ on packaging. True.

So-called fresh produce might have been picked months ago. True.

Freezing fresh food at home is not as effective as buying ready frozen, thanks to industrial fast-freezing. True!

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