The footprint of a packet of CRISPS!



We all love to be green! We are learning to turn off the lights when we leave the room, and we are not letting anything remain on standby now! But do we also have to worry about those delicious, delightful CRISPS? That we like to gobble up when Alec Baldwin plays The Trump for us yet again?!!!

This is what was found out about crisps! To discover the carbon footprint of a standard packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps, the Carbon Trust plotted out the key stages of Walkers’ supply chain, from sowing the potato and sunflower seeds (for the oil) through to getting the crisps on the shelves and disposing of the packet.

By looking at the energy consumption of each stage, and converting this into emissions, it worked out the total carbon footprint.

Result: a packet of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps has a footprint of 75…

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The mild scandal of the Stray Affair


The stray who has been gracing your very untidy terrace

neatly bypassing ferns, polka dots, Lolly Pops and begonias

with the always surprising snooty feline felicity, you hopefully

bring up the large left overs of red rice with fresh fish your spoiled

cats had refused to finish. You expect the Stray will gobble it all up


because it is good for her. But she sniffs and then sits down glumly

wanting the dry cat food she had received for the last 10 days! You give

up and bring it, telling her how silly and stupid she is to miss good fresh

fishy rice. She is not impressed, crunches up the dry food, then steps over

the book shelf, and you wonder if she is displaying nosiness or is erudite?


then she falls into a snooze just before giving you a tender blink and you

realise the affair is still on and this flirt has come to put you in her solemn spell.



Magical Green Footprints of a community


The Magic of Green Footprints by a community


Here is the magical true tale about a community that took action to save the Planet.

The Muslim Khatri Association was set up in 1977 to cater for Leicester’s Khatri community. Its centre, in the inner city, has become a model eco building, with high standards of insulation, low-energy lighting, environment-friendly flooring and paints, and solar PV panels on the roof!

The refurbished centre runs education classes, holiday activities, a day-care centre for older people and an IT centre. Before it was used only 10 per cent of the time. Now it is being used 85 per cent of the time! Electricity from the solar panels is being sold back to the grid and the centre is looking at installing a wind turbine or ground-source heat pump!

From: Friends of the Earth.


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Say no to standby for the planet!



Devices left in sleep mode, are not turned off. They waste about two power stations’ worth of electricity each year and produce the same amount of carmon dioxide as 1.4 million long-haul flights or the climate impact of about half a million flights!

When you switch a modern electrical appliance off, it rarely actually shuts down: this only happens if you unplug it or turn the socket off. Some well engineered devices draw just milliwatts of current in standby: whereas others continue to suck up 30 watts from the mains, or 113 kg carbon dioxide per year without it doing anything.


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